Writing Prompts: That Day’s Unofficial Holiday

Today is the 16th of January. What can be said about today?

A lot has happened on this date in history, though that can be said about any date. As the 16th of January 27BC is said to be the date that Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus became the first Emperor of Rome, ending the rule of the Republic. What would be a fitting name for such a day?

Caesar Day? Augustus Day (Augustus being the title Octavianus took on)? Imperial Day? I’m leaning towards Augustus Day, which is somewhat ironic, bearing in mind it’s the middle of January, but that’s history for you.

The fundamental shift in how Rome was governed would have enormous ramifications, though interestingly, the newly-coronated Emperor achieved many things for his Empire. Rome’s borders expanded quite considerably. Octavianus rebuilt the city itself, and instituted police and fire services within the city itself. He built a new, extensive network of roads. It’s fair to say, Rome wasn’t built in day, but Octavianus did a remarkable job of growing the Empire.

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