Writing Prompts: Create an Alternate Outcome in History

Well, I sort of covered this in a previous prompt, but I guess this time, we have to mess with history?

What would I do? I guess that’s more important than the how, because I have no idea how I’d do this. Provided this was the only change, I’d shift history in such a way that made Liverpool Football Club, and England, a lot more successful at recent football exploits. How would it feel to have watched the Reds win several additional Premier League titles, between 1990 and now? I’m not too greedy, I wouldn’t manipulate events so they won everything, every year, but I’d happily steal a few of Manchester United’s trophies, and I would have no regrets about taking some from Manchester City and Chelsea either.

With England, well, the 1990 World Cup, and 1996 European Championships would come out way, and then the 2002 World Cup for good measure. The 2014 World Cup and 2016 Euros, and the 2020 Euros as well. I’d be one extraordinarily happy camper with that set of results, as would England!

On a more serious note, I’d try to prevent the covid pandemic from ever happening. There are some things in my family’s history that I’d alter, hopefully to the betterment of several relatives. However, I would always be mindful of unforeseen consequences to major changes, which is why a lot of these changes would take place in very recent history. I dare not change big events, for fear of making things far worse. That might not sound very ambitious, but I wouldn’t want to pull a thread, that then led to World War III, or caused some other kind of terrible disaster. Some things, you just don’t mess with.

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