Writing Prompts: Sustainability

Are there things you try to practice daily to live a more sustainable lifestyle?

I don’t know about daily environmentally habits, but I do my best to recycle, and recently went semi-vegetarian (in that I’m cutting back on meat at home). My view is that there is nothing wrong with encouraging people to operate in a more sustainable way, but the ultimate responsibility for this rests with governments and corporations. For example, are UK water companies being sustainable, given how much untreated sewage is ending up in rivers and beaches? Is it sustainable on their part to pay out billions to shareholders whilst infrastructure goes neglected (and in the case of Thames Water, wind up on the verge of going bust?)

The emphasis on sustainability (especially in terms of key infrastructure, like water and power) should be focused upon the greedy businesses in these sectors, that currently fleece their customers, and fail to make significant investments in ensuring our infrastructure is both fit for purpose, and future-proofed to be green and sustainable. There’s no profit in it, so they don’t want to know.

By all means, on a personal level do things like not waste water, recycle, and so forth, but let’s not pretend that until the powers-that-be truly commit to being environmentally friendly, there will always be problems.

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