Writing Prompts: Sui Juris

Dictionary.com keeps putting out interesting words, and this is no exception. Sui juris means ‘capable of managing one’s affairs or assuming legal responsibility’. I know a lot of people who are incapable of sui juris. I know a lot of people who are very capable of sui juris. My good friend Bruce Gerencser is proof of a person taking ownership of their affairs, whilst I have encountered commentators (not necessarily on Meerkat Musings, I hasten to add) who have been determined to avoid taking any responsibility for themselves.

The subject of responsibility – especially legal responsibility – is quite pertinent. We’ve seen how former US president Donald Trump might be forced to take legal responsibility for his – ahem – affairs. His unwillingness to follow sui juris is but one demonstration of how he lacks grace and dignity (in my book at least). Former prime minister Boris Johnson is another who avoids sui juris (along with much of the current Tory party and their cronies).

As for me? I am not perfect, but I like to think I take responsibility for my actions. If I make a mistake at work, there is no point in denying it or hiding from it (it’s also not a question of legal responsibility as such, but still…), so I have to just get on with it and do what I can to fix it. It’s not enjoyable, but what else is supposed to be done?

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