Writing Prompts: Social Vampires

This prompt has the unique distinction of being the first to come to me via Mastodon, specifically from Chirp Birb. Thank you to Chirp for the idea!


The premise is ‘social vampire lady doesn’t want your blood, just your attention’.

I think we have all, at various turns, and in various places, encountered a ‘social vampire’, and it should be noted they can be fellas as well as ladies! They are the sort of people who always want to be the centre of attention, demanding and commanding your time. Sometimes, these people could be seen as confident. After all, they may be adept at manipulating others into giving them time, attention, and who knows what else. Other times, they may be fishing for sympathy.

I know of people who wind up having their time occupied by stuff they may not actually want to do, because their partner/friend/family member is determined to ensure they get their way. The ‘victim’ loses out in terms of time, and money, and perhaps even in terms of other relationships. Of course, that’s not entirely fair. The ‘victim’ may not see it that way, and if they don’t, are they really a victim of this social vampire? However, anyone who is kept from doing stuff they like, because of the demands of another person, is on the receiving end of an unbalanced relationship. A true social vampire could also ensure they are on the right end of several unbalanced relationships, and benefit quite extensively.

Whether consciously done or not, the approach of these social vampires is quite selfish. They aren’t particularly concerned with anything other than what they enjoy, or how they can benefit from a situation. The older I get, the more I may be inclined to shun them.

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