Writing Prompts: Secret Skills

What’s a secret skill or ability you have or wish you had?

I’d love the ability to be able to instantly relax, but I don’t think that’s a true skill! On the other hand, maybe the ability to detach one’s self from turbulence and unwind is a skill of sorts. I have a feeling the prompt is geared up for a different kind of answer.

I wouldn’t mind being competent at what I try my hand at. Being exceptional at everything seems arrogant, so I would settle for being passable at any given activity. That way, you can move quietly through life without extra drama or pressure or attention. Imagine being decent at anything you tried. Want to knit? Oh look, you’re alright at it, straight away. What to bake? Voila, your cookies are reasonable without any difficulty or effort. Plus, because you’re alright at it, you’re not going to have the weight of expectation to constantly be doing it all the time. Think about it: if you are brilliant at everything, everyone is going to want a piece of your time, all the time.

If you can do enough to get by in a reasonable fashion, you can probably earn a decent wage, enough to be happy with, and treat your loved ones to a relaxing beach-side holiday from time to time.

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