Writing Prompts: Nervousness

The WordPress Jetpack app has daily prompts, and sometimes, I use them. I don’t necessarily use them on the day I publish them, if that makes sense. What can I say, I’m a rebel.

What makes this meerkat nervous? The threat of being eaten alive by hyenas? Well, thankfully, that’s not high on the list. I’ll tell you what does make me nervous: rushing to meet transport links.

I don’t like mad sprints for a train, bus, or any other mode of travel. If I have an impending journey, I like to make sure I am at the station/airport/wherever in plenty of time. I hate to be late. I hate to be just barely on-time, because operating on-time can become late with the slightest of problems. I’m sort of guy who will cajole others into being ready and out the door early, to ensure a smooth voyage. Arriving at say, King’s Cross station, only to see a train is ready to depart in five minutes, entails a desperate, near-frantic dash to the right platform. I despise that. I don’t want my journey consumed by the anxiety of even possibly being late. Once, when getting measured for a suit for my brother’s wedding, I ended up getting to the venue nearly an hour early, which was my travel nerves kicking into overdrive. That was excessive, even by my standards, but there you go.

Beyond that, I have a bunch of existential fears that constantly roll around this tatty old brain. I worry about my daughter, and whether she is happy. I worry about the state of the future of everything – the country, the planet – even though my powers to influence much are highly limited.

Why worry? Hakuna Matata, right? Stressing never did much for anyone. I am very good at stressing, and am certainly my own worst enemy in that regard. I can only wonder much more unstoppable I’d be if I didn’t needlessly worry.

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