Writing Prompts: My Birthday

November is my birthday month. I’m not going to give away which day, but needless to say, when November comes around, it is a significant month for me.

Do I look forward to my big day? I do, though perhaps not with the same enthusiasm that I had as a kid. I don’t mark it as huge occasion, and the only concession I tend to make for myself is that I book the day off work. I have been known to work my birthday, and I once had a job interview on my birthday, but these days, I prefer to unwind and relax on my special day. That’s about all I need to be happy. Naturally I appreciate the presents, and we often go out for a meal, but the presents aren’t a big thing to me anymore. It’s the presence (see what I did there?) of my family and loved ones that matters more.

A few beers wouldn’t be amiss either.

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