Writing Prompts: Mollycoddle

Today’s prompt is brought to you by the word mollycoddle, which means to treat someone with an excess of indulgence and attention.

Please, no more selfies!

We might all be guilty, to a degree, of indulging a friend or family member with an excess of attention. I cannot speak for every parent out there, but my daughter is a major focal point of my life, and therefore I probably do over-indulge her at times. That said, she is not naturally attention-seeking, and I am fairly fortunate in that I do not directly know many people who are. I probably ‘coddle’ my daughter in the sense that I am extremely protective of her, and I know I need to step back from that.

Some people I have known do seek attention, and at times, I have been guilty of mollycoddling, but perhaps not in the manner you suspect. Indulging someone, and giving them attention, does not automatically equate to affection. Someone going off on a rant on social media may well want attention, but not necessarily sympathy. They may simply be spoiling for a fight, and so mollycoddling in this instance is to indulge their need for an argument. On other occasions, I have seen people frequently fish for sympathy, albeit they have done so in a manner that I feel was rather insensitive to the people who love them. Sadly, I dare say I indulged their need for attention, more than once.

These days, I am less-inclined to mollycoddle. I grant attention to the people who I feel deserve it, and who matter to me. I feel like that’s the best way.

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