Writing Prompts: Is Atheism Dangerous?

Is atheism dangerous? That’s the question posed by Blogging Theology. I know the author of that site will undoubtedly argue that it is, because the author of that site mistakenly conflates the absence of belief with political ideology.

I don’t need to watch his video to understand his thought process, because he and I have danced this merry dance before. I’ve recently discussed this notion at length with others. There seems to be a chronic lack of… let’s call it awareness, among many religious commentators, where it comes to atheism (a less-kind observation might regard this attitude to be ‘willfully ignorant’ or even blatantly dishonest).

As my earlier post points out, there are plenty of people of supposedly good religious stock who proved to be thoroughly immoral, at least by the standards we would deem reasonable. Yes, there are atheists who commit crimes; there are Christians and Jews and Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs and more, who commit crimes. Adherence to religious dogma doesn’t have a bearing on that. A person is absolutely capable of being good without religious beliefs, and absolutely capable of being bad, with religious beliefs. It’s a pity the author of Blogging Theology is incapable of understanding nuance.

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