Writing Prompts: If you were to buy a plane ticket today — no expense spared — where would you go and why?

woman walking in the street during night time
Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on Pexels.com

In case you’re wondering, that’s a picture from Japan. Well, it’s meant to be Japan.

There are a few places I’d like to go to. I’d love to go back to Australia one day. I’ve never been to Ireland, despite it being a relatively short hop for me. I am told New Zealand is gorgeous. However, Japan holds twin appeals.

Firstly, there is the history and culture. Japanese culture is remarkable, beautiful, and I think it would be worth seeing up close. The country itself is visually stunning, and they have a certain respect for their land and history that shines through in all they do.

Secondly, there’s the tech side. Japan embraces technology and gadgets, and I love that. I’d love to visit Nintendo HQ, and ride a bullet train.

Alongside those two primary reasons, I have other motives. There are several weird and whacky restaurants in Japan. How about an insane asylum-themed restaurant, where your food is served through the bars of your cage?

I don’t doubt for a second that Japan has, as a nation, problems. There is an extreme workaholic culture in Japan, that manifests itself in extraordinary pressure at school, and there are a number of stress-related problems within Japanese society. However, they also have ingenious ideas, very low crime, and generally speaking, Japan is one of the most peaceful countries on earth. There is the rich history, and a sense of nobility that stretches through it. I’d definitely go there if I could.

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