Writing Prompts: How You’d Spend a Million Dollars in Lottery Money

For me, it would be £s rather than $s, but the principle is the same. If I were suddenly a millionaire, what would I do?

I’d put some money (say, £250k) into my daughter’s savings account, because future-proofing her finances can never be a bad thing. I’d sink between £20k and £30k into doing up the bathroom, and perhaps a similar amount on redecorating the living room. I’d invest in a nice new telly, and definitely a shiny, powerful new laptop. Indeed, my wife and I could have a shiny new laptop each.

I’d treat my family to a nice holiday, and I would most certainly take my daughter to Disneyland Paris (it’s close to home, whereas a nine-hour flight is a gruelling experience).

I’d do a bit of local travelling, to places that connect to my family history. There are locations in Scotland with personal connections to my past that I would love to see. This is also an excuse for a first class train ride to Scotland, and I’d like to do the Orient Express trip as well. Oh, I’d do the Monaco Grand Prix too, for the experience.

A lot of the money would end up in a savings account, to accrue interest. A nest egg for old age is not a bad idea.

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