The Approach

It is not without irony (and often a lack of self-awareness) that religious fanatics deride and complain that ‘woke’ culture is getting all up in their faces. No one has ever knocked on my door to speak to me about atheism, or the LGBT community. No one has ever stopped me in the street to discuss feminism or critical race theory. There are no atheist churches, or fundraisers. In fact, where I live, I have never been stopped by a Muslim, Jew, Hindu, or representative of any faith, other than Christianity. I had someone come up to me in town the other day, whilst I was on my way to collect my daughter from school, to ask me if I believed in Jesus. I politely declined the conversation, whilst continuing to walk, because ultimately, my beliefs are my business, and I am not interested in having a chat in the middle of the high street.

Once, I asked someone where to find a particular bank, and in the process of helping me, the guy started to ask religious-based questions, talking about God, Christianity etc. All I was trying to do was find a bank! I humoured the guy to a point, and then he started asking if I’d had sex before marriage. I had to call him on asking such personal questions to complete strangers, in the middle of town.

What is it with the religious right, that sees them demand the right to interfere with people’s lives, to the degree that you cannot walk down the street without being pestered?

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