Writing Prompts: Have you ever Broken the Law, and not got Caught?

Stolen from Lolsys!

I cannot think of any occasion where I have broken laws. I’ve probably bent a few rules here and there (who hasn’t?), but in terms of breaking the law, to the point where I’d be arrested, and getting away with said law break, no, I haven’t broken the law, and therefore I haven’t been in a position to evade the law!

Does occasionally ending up in possession of boot-legged DVDs count? As a kid, we had boot-legged copies of Jurassic Park, and I first saw The Lion King thanks to a friend’s VHS copy, whilst the film was still at the cinema. Does that make me an accessory, or something? That’s the closest stuff I can think of to breaking the law.

Is that good? Is that boring? I don’t know.

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