Writing Prompts: Guaranteed Success

What’s something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail.

Good question. If you were certain to succeed at something, what would you put your energies into?

There’s lots of what might be considered mundane skills that would be great to have. For instance, I do not drive. If I did, might that be very useful? Of course, it would also ramp up my expenses, so I am not fussed by that. Being able to fit bathrooms as well as design them would be a great way to earn extra money, though it might also be a conflict of interests!

Perhaps it would be to fluently speak a foreign language. I would love to be able to speak German. Would that be super-useful in my daily life? No, but I’d still like to do it. At this stage of my life, it would, if nothing else, be sort of fun.

A more practical skill would be to be an absolute success with the design software I use at work. I’m competent with it, but to be an expert, effortlessly dazzling customers with beautiful, lifelike 3D renders of their desired bathrooms, would be a great tool for selling more. Not very exciting, but certainly handy.

These are, at a push, semi-realistic aims, but what about stuff that is more outlandish? As a kid, I wanted to be a Formula 1 driver. I’d have taken being a great footballer as well. I even wanted to be a train driver at one point!

Meerkat go vroom!
I would have loved to play for Liverpool.
Choo Choo!

The first two ambitions would have brought a lot of money, even if I was merely passable at them, whilst train driving… I can’t explain it, I just feel it would be a rewarding, fun job. I’m fairly certain a lot of train drivers might deter me from that notion, but I can’t shake it.

What about you, dear reader? What would you try your hand at if you knew you’d be successful at it?

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