Writing Prompts: Finding Balance

Am I referring to that oft-sought inner peace? Or literal balance? Perhaps, I am finding a balance between the two!

I would like to wager I am more in tune with myself these days, more comfortable in my own skin, and with who I am. I am a contented, neurotic meerkat. I am quirky, and I am ease with that.

In terms of actual, literal, physical balance, that’s an entirely different matter. I can stand on one leg, for small lengths of time, and when it comes to activities requiring coordination, like perching myself on a chair or stool to swap over point of sale or some other task, I usually choose the path of most resistance. There is the easy way, the hard way, and the me way.

It could be argued that my mind, despite often being a churning mess, is at peace, or at least, at peace with being a churning mess, whilst my body is a discombobulated shambles of flailing limbs. So in that sense, I guess I’m not balanced, because body and mind are not in harmony. However, I am at peace with that.

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