Writing Prompts: Peas

Peas. Small, green balls. What do I make of them?

I used to completely dislike them. As a kid, I would not touch them. As an adult, I have come to tolerate them, particularly if they are drowned in gravy and generously sprinkled with salt. They are certainly good for you, and so, I will eat them. In fact, I will make a point of scooping them up, and quickly getting through them. This, I can handle, though condiments certainly make it easier. Mint sauce is another ‘go-to’ option to make peas easier to swallow, but there is one form of pea that I cannot, under any circumstances abide.

Picture by one Mx Granger, via Wikipedia.

Mushy peas are revolting. I mean, look at them! When you stare at that image, what does it remind you of? I’m torn between the recently emptied contents of someone’s stomach, and the recently emptied contents of someone’s nose. Either way, mushy peas are horrific. Not only that, they are usually paired with glorious, beautiful, chip-shop chips, thus ruining an otherwise amazing culinary creation. This should be considered sacrilege.

So, in short, if you are going to give me peas, if that’s absolutely unavoidable, please, make them garden peas, not mushy!

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