Writing Prompts: Favourite Album

What’s your all-time favorite album?

What a question! I am not a collector or buyer of albums, at least, not these days. If I had to pick an album I have listened to quite a lot, it would be the debut album of Christina Aguilera (not gonna lie, teenage crush, right there), where Ms Aguilera showed off her powerful voice. Her Back to Basics album was also quite sensational.

But, do I regard them as favourites? I guess, by virtue of being among the few albums I’ve ever owned, they’re on the shortlist. However (and this might seem all-too predictable for someone whose internet moniker is Darth Timon), if I had to pick an absolute winner, I’d turn to the soundtrack of The Lion King, which still, after all this time, resonates with me. The beautiful songs, the epic musical scores, it’s all part of the tapestry of that marvellous, wonderful film.

That’s not to say my album experience is entirely limited. I quite enjoyed the Rob Thomas album Something to Be. I’m pretty sure my wife would raise her eyebrows when I say I owned – and rather enjoyed – Celine Dion’s Falling into You. I also owned her Let’s Talk About Love album, but I didn’t enjoy that one quite so much.

Ultimately, a lot of the albums I owned were compilations. The NOW! That’s What I Call Music series has a long history in the UK, and I had several of them. They were generally alright, being collections of songs that were commercial or critical successes at the time.

Still, none of it compares to the epic music of The Lion King.

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