Writing Prompts: Christmas Snowmen

A chilly breeze blasts out of the 16th door of the Meery Christmas Advent Calendar! It’s time to talk about snowmen!

Snowmen, whilst not automatically a Christmas thing, have certainly become synonymous with the season. Snowmen, often decorated with Christmas-themed items, appear on Christmas cards and in Christmas stories. One such story, simply called The Snowman, captured the hearts of children around the world when released on the 26th of December 1982.

The trouble with snowmen is that you can spend a lot of them building them, only to watch them melt away, sometimes rather grotesquely, as the temperature rises. We’re talking freaky here people! I dare say there are also a lot of spoiled carrots by the time the snow has melted.

My own snow skills aren’t great, though I am better at snow construction than I used to be. Nonetheless, my creations are… something. Besides, the odds are that we won’t get snow until after Christmas, so, around here at least, the traditional Christmas snowman probably won’t make an appearance.

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