No More

Eagle-eyed readers of both Meerkat Musings and The Coalition of the Brave may have noticed that I posted something earlier this evening, and then removed the posts. Whilst I unfortunately deal with a few individuals who are less than honest in their behaviour, I aim to be transparent, and offer my reasons.

Frankly, I am tired of the tit-for-tat that certain people perpetuate. I could write at great length as to all the reasons their arguments are flawed, but they will not concede on any point, no matter what evidence is presented, and it is impossible to argue with someone like that. Earlier in the year, I adopted a policy of completely and utterly ignoring one malcontent; I have tried to ignore the other, and now I must try harder. Poisonous attitudes poison the heart and mind, and people who are without empathy and compassion will do everything to drag you down to their level. There can be no reasoning with them, for they are too righteous, and will not be swayed. I am bored of debating with a brick wall.

I have no doubt that they will continue to snipe from the shadows, to goad and to prod and to evade anything that would seem them held accountable, but I can do nothing about the actions of other people. All I can do is wish them well.

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