Writing Prompts: Christmas Parties

On day four of the Meery Christmas Advent Calendar, we reveal the virtually obligatory Christmas Party!

Now, many a workplace will arrange a party at Christmas, albeit the where and when is heavily dependent upon the type of business, and the size of the business. Where I currently work, we are a small team, and so to a degree, we can easily slip in to any venue, with comparatively short notice, but in the past, arranging a Christmas do has required advanced planning.

The actual event itself has usually been entertaining, from my point of view, though the food has varied wildly in quality. Aiming for the traditional turkey roast can lead to mixed results, especially at hotel-based parties, where the food is mass-prepared, and often somewhat bland as a result. The best meals have usually been when the Christmas menu doesn’t involve the turkey dinner (at one do, everything was centred around chicken strips, fried shrimp, and the like, and it was goooooood!), and in planning for this year’s do, we’ve been looking at a venue that will definitely be off-piste, so to speak. It remains to be seen what the quality is like, but I am hopeful the company will certain provide quality conversation throughout the night! After all, the company of colleagues you can get along with is what the Christmas Party is all about. It’s an opportunity to let one’s hair down, and get to know each other a little better in a more comfortable setting. It will be fun!

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