Writing Prompts: Christmas Pantos

The panto season is the topic for the fifth door on our Meery Christmas Advent Calendar!

Pantomimes are great fun for all ages. They are often based around classic fairy tales, such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, or Cinderella. Puss in Boots is another popular one, along Jack and the Beanstalk, among many others. There is a great deal of exaggeration (in more ways than one!), and there is often a ‘dame’, who is a man in very flamboyant drag, who provides a lot of the comic relief. Audience participation (such as the infamous cry of ‘he’s behind you!’, is an absolute must of any self-respecting panto.

A typical panto will often feature a lot of innuendo. A lot of adults (and I dare say older kids!) appreciate this, whilst there is also a great deal of slapstick for younger kids to enjoy. We’re talking cream pies here people.

There is a need for a dividing line between outright filth, and playful innuendo. I offer up a few quotes, and I will leave to you, my dear readers, to determine if they cross that thin line!

‘I’ve long been partial to a cockatoo.’

Princess: ‘My Prince didn’t come.’

Super Nanny: ‘Men never come when you want them to.’

Dame: ‘I’ve had a few businesses in my time and they always end up in failure.’

Simon: ‘That’s not true, your lingerie shop did alright.’

Dame: ‘No it didn’t, it went bust.’

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