Writing Prompts: Christmas Movies

‘Yippe Ki Ay, meerkat f…’

Ahem! Day 14 of the Meery Christmas Advent Calendar brings Christmas Movies, and with the movies comes the eternal question of whether the 80s classic Die Hard is a Christmas Movie.

My wife would say, unequivocally, yes. I would have to agree. After all, the film is about a man trying to get home for Christmas. The, ah, spirited events unfold at a Christmas party. There’s Christmas music. It’s undeniable really. Die Hard is a Christmas film. Slightly unconventional, but definitely a Christmas film.

Other films offer no means to even consider a debate, even if they are films I have zero interest in. Hallmark show a lot of Christmas movies, and most of them are unbearably sappy. Give me The Grinch any day (the Jim Carey version, I haven’t seen the more recent animated version). I have never desired to see a Christmas film at the cinema, and don’t plan on changing that any time soon. I’d sooner watch an action-packed Christmas adventure at home!

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