A Wise Rebuttal

The following was written by one John S, in the comments of a post over at The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser, and is reproduced with permission. Where John is quoting David Thiessen of Theology Archaeology, the text shall be in purple, for clarity.

So now imagine a woman who was molested by a person she trusted since childhood. Someone she told things to that she didn’t tell her parents. Someone who manipulated her into sex in his office and then more than 25 years later made a public spectacle by “confessing” to an “affair” so he could get the applause and hand waiving prayer from his followers. And the response of the church elders, the “gatekeepers” is “he confessed and was forgiven. Now you must confess your role in tempting him (when you were 16) and do penance”. And if she goes to the police? Or even complains? Then she is ostracized. The perpetrator goes on to become Bishop. And writes a best-selling book about how to grow a mega church.

In your ideal world this would have been the outcome at New Life Christian Church in Indiana. Instead, the Pastor’s victim found the courage to confront him midway through his performance on stage. Thanks to “evil” social media, and mean old “BG”, this story went viral. The Pastor is no longer a Pastor, and more abuse became known. The Pastor is being investigated by State Police. He will most likely never write that best-seller, and most importantly never Pastor another church that is concerned about its reputation. And the victim has found her confidence, and is inspiring other women to come forward.
This is how a culture of abuse is ended.

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