Writing Prompts: Christmas Drinks

The 10th door of our Meery Christmas Advent Calendar yields an adult indulgence during the festive season: Christmas booze!

Now, I am easily pleased, so beer tends to be all I require, but in the rundown to the big day, various shops will start to sell Christmas-themed alcoholic beverages, some of which intrigue, whilst others decidedly don’t.

Eggnog is a time-honoured classic at this time of year, but I haven’t tried it, and I haven’t desired to. It is said to be a spicy, creamy drink, but it has never appealed. Never say never, but it’s not on my list of drinks I want to try.

The Snowball is something I have tried, and it was quite nice. Advocaat, lime juice, lemonade and ice, topped with a cherry. Not unpleasant.

Mulled wine tends to come up as a classic, and it certainly is in this meerkat’s book! It’s warm, slightly-spiced, soothing nature makes it a seasonal success, especially on colder nights.

Sherry and port are typical UK staples when it comes to Christmas, and I will say that port is gorgeous stuff, albeit very strong!

Bucks Fizz is something of a tradition in our den. Two parts champagne to one part orange juice (though you can adjust the ratio as you like), it is often had in the morning of Christmas Day itself. It’s only fizzy orange juice, right? Well, OK, fizzy alcoholic orange juice…

What is your preferred Christmas tipple?

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