Spectacular Skulls

There is a fascinating article over at the BBC, which relates to the UK’s famous Jurassic Coast. This neck of the woods – or rather, um, coast – stretches from Devon to a place I’ve been to recently, Dorset. It is being steadily eroded by natural forces, and the consequence of this is to reveal millions of years of geological history. This history includes the huge skull of a pliosaur, a marine reptile that lived some 150 million years ago.

You can see pictures of the skull over at the link, and it is a monstrous sight. The teeth alone are huge, and the skull itself is longer than most humans are tall. Some have dubbed the pliosaur the ‘T-Rex of the seas’, and it’s easy to see why! According to the BBC article, the pliosaur’s biting power was tremendous, more than twice what a crocodile is capable of.

What else is lurking within the cliffs and rocks of the Jurassic Coast, waiting to be found? It’s fascinating stuff.

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