Writing Prompts: Among Us?

alien face balloons
Photo by Darya Grey_Owl on Pexels.com

For many years (decades even), the belief in intelligent alien life has seen two primary interpretations. The mainstream scientific idea is that it is almost certainly out there, but well beyond our ability to detect (much less communicate with) using current technology. There are on-going efforts to locate potentially habitable worlds, and the SETI (Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence) program is always hunting for signals from distant stars.

These efforts have not yet borne any fruit. The only signal that could yet be of alien origin is the famous Wow! Signal, a 72-second burst of narrowband radio, picked up on the 15th of August, 1977. There have been a great many theories as to the signal’s origin, but even after decades of analysis, the possibility of a signal from an alien intelligence cannot be ruled out.

The other interpretation of alien life is the notion that they are already here.

This far-fetched idea is based upon a web of conspiracies which still manage to intrigue. The idea that aliens secretly pull society’s strings, in aid of some sinister agenda, is the subject of a great many stories, and sometimes, some people will blur the lines between fiction and fact, in pursuit of the truth of alien influence. What doesn’t help to debunk some of these wild ideas is that various governments do suppress reports on UFOs, often deeming the details of cases classified, which triggers tremendous and often rather elaborate speculation.

Some believe that aliens have been influencing human society for centuries. There are those who interpret historical artefacts, paintings and sculptures as being evidence of ancient aliens, interpreted as gods or demons. It is certainly a fascinating thought. Might the reports of ancient flying chariots have actually been craft, piloted by intelligent, other-worldly beings? I even heard one theory that Jesus was an alien! It would explain how someone could turn water into wine…

The trouble with any conspiracy theory, especially one pertaining to aliens, is proving it. The people who know aren’t sharing what they know, and the truth could be that it’s all smoke and daggers, to hide a deeper truth. Area 51 is the subject of many UFO stories, but it could be nothing more than a facility where highly advanced, ultra top-secret research takes place, and for that reason alone, it is a closely-guarded base.

What might bring aliens to manipulate us? There are a number of theories around that. Some have suggested that the infamous Greys are breeding with humans, in order to harvest genetic material. Others think that by keeping us disrupted and in conflict, we’ll be easier to subdue and exploit. All of this remains utterly speculative, and whilst I certainly want to believe that intelligent alien life has visited us, I cannot commit to the idea, not without seeing hard proof first. If such proof did land at my door, confirming aliens secretly operated in our midst… I might just need to change my underwear.

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