Guns vs Knives

Referring back to my earlier post ‘TikTok Gun Debates‘, I thought it might be wise to instruct Street Hawk further, given their dogged ignorance of facts and logic. He has tried to suggest that knives are an equivalent threat, similar to guns in terms of the danger they pose, and that more guns would equate to greater safety. Street Hawk’s misguided one-off example does not extrapolate into a coherent strategy. The numbers speak for themselves:

The UK’s stabbing death rate per 100,000 people is 0.08, and the gun death rate is 0.04.

The USA’s stabbing death rate is 0.6, and the gun death rate is 4.12.

So, in other words, a lot more people are dying from gun-related violence in the USA than they do from knife-related violence in the UK. Guns are clearly not proving to be a deterrent, and they contribute more readily to tragic accidents and suicides.

There is more to compare. If guns make a location substantially safer, how is it that Japan, which is virtually a gun-free zone, is one of the safest countries on earth? From the above link:

Japan’s murder rate is 0.25 murders per every 100,000 people, whilst the USA murder rate – of which 77% involves firearms – is 6.52 per 100,000 people. In percentage terms, that’s a difference of 2,508 percent! Japan’s murder rate is only 3.8 percent that of the USA’s!

These are staggering differences, which underscore how the widespread presence of guns does not make a location safer. Those proclaiming this falsehood – like Street Hawk – ought to look at facts, instead of spreading deceit.

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