Writing Prompts: Alternative Careers

What alternative career paths have you considered or are interested in?

Once upon a time, I would have loved to be a train driver. I never actively pursued this career, and in many ways I am glad I didn’t, for I imagine the reality of it does not fit the romantic view of it in my head. Depending on your route, you will see the same scenery, over and over again, and the whole thing would get very repetitive. To be fair, even driving an express service from say, King’s Cross to Edinburgh Waverley, you will see the same stuff, each and every time.

That said, maybe this wouldn’t bother me. It might still be a fun job. Driving some of the powerful express trains would certainly bring a sense of satisfaction! Even driving a commuter train, keeping to a schedule, arriving into a big London terminal, seeing the sights… as someone who likes trains and railways, I might continue to be amazed and awed by the experience. We’ll never know now, as the moment for that career has long since passed. I have no regrets about my career (well, maybe that’s not entirely true!), and I am happy with where I am.

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