Writing Prompts: A “No Bull” Promise

The hint for this prompt is: Don’t beat around the bush. Write a post that promises zero filler and zero pulled punches. And then deliver on the promise. Interesting.

I’m going to fail, and I know that. I am already ‘beating around the bush’. However, in terms of not pulling punches, I can certainly deliver on that.

On the Coalition site, I have repeatedly engaged with a MGTOW (a ‘man going their own way’) on the subjects of feminism and gun control. Feminism is what first brought this guy to my attention, and me to his. He was running around on Twitter, berating any woman who spoke of feminism, and once I began posting about my encounters with him, he soon took to comments on that site. He would start to comment on virtually every post, and even went as far as to create his own site, in response to me. His combative, angry, and crude style of ‘debate’ did not impress me, or intimidate me, and his dishonesty did not sway me. His rage towards feminism was misplaced, and he was unable to see nuance in anything. Matters reached a head when he issued what could be construed as a death threat (at the very least it was a threat to do me harm) on a third-party’s blog, and yet, did that scare into silence? Of course not.

If you are going to ‘come at me’ with the intention of changing my mind, facts, logic and reason are pretty crucial. This rabid MGTOW came at me with insults, lies, and threats. All of that is nothing than more than bullshit, though at times, I responded in to him in a manner that wasn’t particularly dignified or kind. He wore my patience and tolerance thin, and I did not disguise my contempt for his views.

I once showed him pity, and that seemed to make him more angry. He has issues that he needs to work through, but I don’t know if he will. For what it’s worth, I hope he can find some form of peace, but he won’t achieve that through misplaced, undirected fury. He won’t accomplish that by venting his rage at me, for I will take a dim view of it, and will not hesitate to make that clear.

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