The Switch and the Legend: Six Years On

An early image of Breath of the Wild

Has it really been six years since the Nintendo Switch, armed with the beautiful Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, arrived on the scene? Apparently so. Wow, that’s quite impressive!

The Switch revitalised Nintendo, following the disappointing commercial and critical reception of the Wii U. The Switch’s unique dual-premise of hand-held and conventional console (via the dock) has turned it into a terrific, popular console, among both hardcore and casual gamers. Some of the games have become among the most acclaimed titles on any console, such as Breath of the Wild.

I have long wished for Nintendo to produce a console similar on power to the PlayStations and XBoxes, but I cannot deny Nintendo’s creativity and innovation has produced a spectacular win here. I’ve enjoyed many a bout of Super Smash Bros on the big screen, and then curled up on the sofa to enjoy Link’s Awakening (which is a gorgeous remake by the way). Being able to seamlessly switch (heh) between TV and hand-held modes means I can carry on playing when someone else wants to make use of the TV, and thus I escape that age-old gaming problem of having to stop mid-game.

I doubt the Switch has another six years left in it (despite the additions of Lite and OLED versions), and I am curious to see where Nintendo go from here, but for now, I bask in the delights of Super Mario Maker 2, and I eagerly look forward to Tears of the Kingdom. Bring on whatever’s next!

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