Writing Prompts: A Harsh Review of Something Already Known to be Bad

Hmm. Hmmmmmmmmm. What is known to be bad?


Well, in this day and age, smoking is certainly known to be bad, right? It certainly should be known to be bad, yet people still take up the habit.

close up photo of lighted cigarette stick
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

You know, I went looking for a picture of smoking, and most were portraying it as a glamorous act. Therein lies the problem. Cigarettes are not glamorous, but the companies that produce them desperately need people to believe they are. It is unrealistically presented as a cool, intense, sexy act, but that is far from reality. Smoking is a good way of slowly poisoning yourself, and what’s worse, it affects the people around you. Passive smoking creates health problems for people who don’t even smoke, which is absurd, but also the truth.

I get it, smoking is an addiction, and I cannot pretend to understand what that’s like. I do not know what it must feel like to crave something like that. Among older generations, I can understand how they got sucked into the habit, and how it has become extremely hard for them to quit. For younger generations, who have no excuse to not understand the risks, why take up a habit that can kill you? There’s nothing beautiful about smoking. There’s nothing sexy about the stinking, cloying stench of cigarette smoke. There is no pleasure to be had in watching someone cough their guts up, after they smoked their 50th cigarette of the day.

The odour of cigarettes will literally make me retch. I will hold my breath to avoid it. I cannot stand it. When I hear of smokers protesting that they have to smoke outside on a freezing evening, I wonder if they stop to consider their choices? If they have made an informed decision (and in today’s world, there is no excuse), they should live with their choice, and appreciate they have no right to force that choice upon others.

I imagine there may be parallels, in the eyes of some, with the covid-19 vaccines, and the rules some businesses had regarding the vaccines, and other pandemic control measures. There is freedom of choice to get vaccinated or not to get vaccinated, just as there is freedom to smoke. What there is not freedom from, are the consequences of those choices, especially where they affect others. If you choose to smoke, that’s on you, why should I, or anyone else, suffer for that choice? If that means you have to stand outside the pub on a cold winter’s night, whilst I sit indoors, well that’s on you.

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