Tories, Monarchies, and People

Over on the other site I run, a long-term MGTOW troll recently left a comment, on the subject of Boris Johnson, the Tory record over the last few years, and on the concept of the monarchy. This guy has repeatedly proven himself to be ignorant of facts and reality, and his comment was further evidence of this.

For starters, he led with the notion that Johnson embodied the worst qualities of Obama, Biden, and Trump. Eh? Johnson is all Trump, only with a thin veneer of civility. Obama was ten times the president that Trump ever was, and thus ten times better a leader than Johnson. Biden has had some difficulties in his term, but let’s not forget, he inherited various messes from Trump. Biden, like Obama, is a far better leader than Trump, or Johnson.

The MGTOW railed against lockdowns, yet he hasn’t a clue as to how Johnson’s dithering over the idea cost lives. More than once, lockdowns succeeded in reducing the death rate, but more than once, that death rate initially spiralled out of control, thanks to Johnson refusing to lockdown at the right time. Meanwhile, he broke his own rules to have parties. Why? Because, like Trump, he’s an elitist snob, who feels the privilege of his birth and the money he was born into, makes him better than everyone else. Both Johnson and Trump genuinely believe that the wealth and status they inherited makes them better people than those around them, to the point where they believe rules and laws do not apply to them.

The MGTOW moaned about how here, in the UK, we are apparently under the thumb of the monarchy. Presumably, he is unaware that the royal family has a ceremonial role in UK politics, and that’s all. Besides, the US is not so different. There is as much classism and elitism in the US as there is in the UK, fuelled by hereditary wealth, and unchecked corporate greed. This greed is also the chief source of the UK’s cost of living crisis. A hard right government is pandering to the donors and the shareholders and their rich mates, despite the resources that could easily alleviate the suffering of millions. I’ve written about this before. What is lacking is the will, and in an ironic twist, the MGTOW troll has, in the past, suggested there is nothing wrong with unchecked, elitist greed.

The MGTOW suggests that here in the UK, we are slaves to our rulers, but the US system any different? What fundamentally changed during the Trump years, as opposed to the Obama, Bush, Clinton and Bush Senior eras? The poor are poorer than ever, the rich are richer than ever, and that is true, all around the world. Trump is one of the chief beneficiaries of this, and he did nothing to change it. The same can be said of Johnson.

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