Criticism of the Dead

This post is inspired by my good friend Bruce Gerencser, who recently made a deeply personal, raw and honest post on his blog, where he laid his heart bare. Bruce did not pull his punches, and discussed the difficult relationship he had with his grandparents. He was critical of his departed relatives, and with good reason.

In response, long-time troll David Thiessen offered up a comment that can only be described as ‘vile’. It is ironic that someone purporting to be a good Christian can be so full of hate, yet when you read his comment (he posts under the name Dr David Tee), you’ll see a lot of hate festers in David’s heart. It seems David went out of his way to be hurtful and abusive. He also made a particular remark that I felt was worthy of addressing further.

#2. the people you talk about can’t defend themselves

I’m curious, does this mean David feels it’s unfair to criticise the dead? Can no one say anything that might not be complimentary to the deceased? David has offered up similar views before.

Bottom line? Bruce has every right to use his personal blog to speak about his personal life! This includes speaking about relatives of his, both alive and dead. I have the right to blog about anyone, living or dead, and that includes critical content. Would it be unkind on Jimmy Saville, if I were to criticise him? He’s dead, so shall we forget that he was a child abuser, and tell the victims to pretend it never happened, for the sake of Saville’s memory? After all, Saville cannot defend himself from his victims’ words and evidence, is that unfair? Should we stop talking about Adolf Hitler, and all that he did, because he’s dead, and cannot defend himself?

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