Tories and Responsibility

I do believe the title of this post represents two words that don’t sit well together. Our Tory incumbents have rushed to re-open pubs, schools and offices, and now, as we see a sharp rise in Covid-19 cases, we also see the Tories blaming young people for not following social distancing rules. It’s kinda hard to social distance at school, and it’s also hard for people who are resuming a (largely unnecessary) commute to work. No one is inclined to social distance in pubs.

Another element to this is that the furlough scheme is due to end soon. This will force people back to work, and will definitely not assist in social distancing, but let’s not allow obvious common sense to cloud Tory judgement. It would be far too reasonable for Johnson’s cabal to consider extending the scheme, or encouraging working from home ahead of commutes, or to shut pubs. No, instead, let’s blame others for Tory failures, and introduce a minor rule change that isn’t likely to seriously impact anything.

On top of all this, the Tories are continuing to stuff up Brexit. The ‘oven ready’ deal is a burnt out shell, impossible to identify, with Johnson now seemingly aiming for no deal, despite all the indicators suggesting this would be awful. I despair of these self-serving arrogant idiots.

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