Johnson’s PMQ Meltdown

It will never cease to amaze me that the British people en-masse voted in a PM who is clearly detached from reality and decency. If Brexit was the chief motivation behind voting for Johnson’s Tories, then Brexiteers should stand by to be horribly disappointed, because we’re lurching to towards a no-deal scenario, with Brexiteers reacting with horror that the EU isn’t giving us everything we want. What. A. Shock. 🙄

If you voted Tory because you believe them to be the best party to manage this nation’s institutions, you may want to consider why they aren’t voting to enshrine their own manifesto pledges into law. A curious approach, to put it mildly. You may also ask why public health bodies are being scrapped.

Could it be that there are, shockingly, consequences to voting in a pathological liar as PM, who surrounds himself with yes-men and a crowd of rich, out-of-touch toffs? Only now the mask is slipping, as Johnson discovers being Prime Minister isn’t remotely the same as vying to become Prime Minister. Suddenly he is being held responsible for… well… everything, as PMs generally are. His act of well-meaning-yet-bumbling-guy doesn’t work anymore. It might explain why Johnson’s been getting stressed and angry when pressed on his record, U-turns and policies.

Take for example a line of questions from Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer. I’m not a huge fan of Starmer, but he certainly has a way with words, delivering cool, calm, methodical queries that have left Johnson’s lack of ability exposed. In the most recent Prime Minister’s Questions, Starmer quizzed the PM on the reversal of his plan to meet with families affected by Covid-19, challenged Johnson’s performance over the exam results fiasco, and made note of the many U-turns employed by the government. Starmer noted that Johnson is governing in hindsight. In response to the questions and criticism, Johnson angrily lashed out, accusing Starmer of being an IRA supporter and lurching wildly off-topic.

Thus, the mask slipped, and the true face of the PM was revealed. An angry man, a man who knows he’s clearly in way over his head, lacking in empathy towards those affected by the Covid-19 crisis, and resorting to furious, petulant outbursts when his flawed policies are exposed. It’s a pity that PMQs isn’t more widely watched – people would come to see who the PM really is if they did.

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