‘Tolerance of Intolerance’

This is weird. This is a notion I can’t wrap my head around. Do we accept racism, sexism and homophobia as part of tolerating intolerance? Do we accept people who espouse these ‘ideas’? Within the Star Trek fandom there is a philosophy – Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations – IDIC. One quick, snap interpretation of this is that Trekkies should accept all values – but should we?

Star Trek’s been very much against discrimination from the very start. The placing of Black women and Asian men on the bridge of a star ship in positions of authority should make that very clear. There are a number of episodes of Star Trek that press the point. ‘Let that be your Last Battlefield’ is but one example. ‘Balance of Terror’ is another. If there are ideals and people that disregard the principles raised by these and other episodes, what does that say?

I welcome diversity. I welcome the inclusive future Star Trek presents to us. There are many who pay lip-service to IDIC and yet at the very least remain quiet when far-right miscreants twist the values presented by the franchise. At worst, some people take IDIC to mean we should accept Nazi-esque philosophies – and that it’s wrong to be intolerant of them. Needless to say, I’m in no rush to accept discriminatory ideals, least of all when they come from Trekkies who should know better. I will never dictate to people what to do in life, but if you’re gonna vote for toxic people like Donald Trump, ask yourself if he’d ever get the point of IDIC or Star Trek. If you’re going to suggest we accept racism, sexism and homophobia, under the guise of being ‘tolerant’, just remember that the ones who want to discriminate will never be tolerant.

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