Right, let’s ponder something ‘kats. Let’s seriously puzzle over the need to offer up direct, face-to-face confrontations, over stuff said on social media.

I get it. Social media can get very toxic, very quickly. Things escalate rapidly when people are behind a screen, willing and able to say things they might not be prepared to say to someone up close. Then again, demanding a physical meeting to discuss insults, whilst also being insulting, doesn’t seem particularly rational behaviour to me – least of all when I have no idea who is on the other end of a Twitter account. It looks a bit like such requests are actually calling people out for a fight, which isn’t exactly a reasoned response to Twitter banter.

There’s an extraordinary level of hypocrisy at play as well. One of my Twitter friends got into an exchange, harsh words were said on both sides, yet one side has perpetuated it with a number of explosively angry tweets and demands for a face-to-face.

If I were my friend, I might consider that toning down my rhetoric might not be a bad idea, but equally, I’d laugh at the person who descended to incredibly childish levels and made a thinly-veiled threat to have a fight. Anyway, have a look at the exchange and decide for yourself if it would be wise to meet this guy…

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