The Scare Campaign Begins

I was going to fold this post into my regular Meerkat Muse, then decided it can live as a standalone post as well. The other day, a leaflet got shoved through our letterbox, and it represents the emboldened hard right of the political spectrum. The party known as British Democrats (I will not be linking to any part of their online presence) are proclaiming themselves to be genuine patriots, they speak of preserving ‘traditional’ British values (without defining what these values are), they want to defend the British way of life against wokeness (again, their leaflet offers no definitions), they are rabidly anti-immigration, and they want to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights. Oh, they also want a ‘complete and full Brexit’.

This is all designed to appeal to hardliners, many of whom don’t understand that the stuff we’d lose via a hard Brexit, and withdrawing from the ECHR, would far outweigh what we gain. The country is already suffering from the inevitable consequences of Brexit, and leaving the ECHR would compound our woes. Immigration is often wheeled out as the bogeyman during every election cycle, when the root cause of so many problems in the UK has nothing to do with immigration. I have said it before, we have the resources we need to greatly ease problems like homelessness and poverty, but unchecked greed is the chief barrier to doing anything about it. These ‘British Democrats’ wouldn’t do anything to fix this. Are they really going to invest in building afford council housing? Will they really invest in the NHS? Or will they be just like everyone else, and place profit and money ahead of everything else?

The only possible purpose this leaflet serves is as toilet paper.

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