The Meerkat Muse – 1st June 22

We have arrived at the halfway point of 2022!

So Close… but so far…

The Premier League season came to its conclusion on the 22nd of May, and a season defined by narrow margins came down to the wire, with my beloved Liverpool missing out on the title by one meagre point. At one stage Man City (worthy champions to be sure) were actually losing 2-0 at home to Aston Villa, but the Villains couldn’t quite hold on, and ended up losing 3-2, meaning Liverpool’s 3-1 win over Wolves was never going to be enough to bring the title to Anfield. Hope dangled in front of us, but not low enough for us to grab and keep.

Horses and…

Erm… how do I put this? Horses and… relief? Horses and… happiness?! It all goes back to this post of mine, and some very unusual notions about why women ride horses (and bikes). It seems to me that this ‘Alpha’ guy is deeply turned on by watching women ride equines, so he’s assuming the act is deeply sexual for women too. Whatever gets you off I guess. There’s a joke here about getting off your horse, but I want my readers to remain in a stable frame of mind, so I won’t be herding you in that direction.

Ultimately the entire thing is a demonstration of deeply fragile ‘masculinity’ on the part of this ‘Alpha’ guy.


Nothing to do with the multiverse, this is more about the lunatic outside the old Toys R Us store in town, howling about how he’s a serial killer who will clean up the place. Somewhat disconcerting, even if he’s merely a blowhard.


I hate my nose right now. We are well and truly into hay-fever season, and I can’t stop sneezing. Medication helps, but most of it makes me drowsy. I wish pollen did not affect me like this!

Party Time

Yet again we have a demonstration that the Tories are divorced from reality, and honesty. Having repeatedly denied attending illegal gatherings, new pictures have emerged of Boris Johnson attending… illegal gatherings! Yet somehow, he’s received only one fine from the Met Police, which suggests something dodgy is going on. It seems the police don’t wish to upset No. 10 Downing Street…

It gets worse. Johnson is said to have met privately with Ms Sue Gray, the civil servant leading an inquiry into partygate. This meeting was apparently to clarify what Ms Gray would put in her report, but now it’s emerged that Johnson’s been trying to have the report quashed! At what point will the Conservative Party do the right thing and oust this shambolic hypocrite?

Terror in Texas

Just ten days after a racist killed ten people in Buffalo, New York, another mass shooting has taken place in the US, this time in Texas. Nineteen children were shot and killed at a school in Uvalde, along with two teachers. The age range of the children at the school is between 7-10. My heart is broken for them, and angry that even now, pro-gun activists are clamouring for… nothing to change. Some of them want more guns in schools. They seem to genuinely believe schools need metal detectors and armed security. Schools should be a place of learning, yet in the US children go through shooter drills. What kind of culture endorses that, then in the same breath speaks of being ‘pro-life’? Texas is one of the states most determined to deny women a right to abortions, yet it also has some of the weakest gun laws in the US, and one of the worst rates of gun deaths (ranked 36th out of 50).

This is the idea of the ‘secure our schools’ crowd. ‘Let’s deal with the endemic of gun violence with more guns, and a traumatic experience for kids’. It would be a joke, if it wasn’t so tragic.

Better Things

I don’t wish to be negative. Sometimes things conspire to drag us down, to make us angry and bitter. In response, I share this:

Yes, I need a shave. Yes, I have elf ears. That’s because…

Comic Con

For the first time, Darth Timon aka Meerkat Musings aka Ben, went to Comic Con! Specifically, I ended up at MCM, at London’s eXcel Centre. The location is huge, and the nature of MCM is such that it attracts a huge range of guests, vendors, and more. As is befitting such an occasion, there are plenty of photos, some of which I can’t share, but there are plenty I can!

Apologies for the blur. Here we had three marching pikachus, who saw a fourth pikachu, and rushed in for a hug
I’m going to say Bane, the cartoon/comic interpretation?
The sparkiest Batman ever!
Who doesn’t love the Green Goblin?
I don’t know my horror lore, but I think this is Jason? He never said a word, he stood around looking creepy. At one point a guy dressed as a princess snuck behind him and started dancing!
Dad bod Thor brought the thunder!
I love these two! The dedication to costumes was incredible
Michael Myers? Another creepy, silent villain!
I’m told this is a companion cube from the game Portal. I have no idea how he saw out of that thing
This made my day. The guy on the left was cosplaying as a character from the first ever Zelda game. He’s the first person Link meets, and he advises Link that ‘it’s dangerous to go alone, take this!’ He passes a sword to Link, and this guy… he passed a sword onto me! I was the first person to get who he was when he approached me

As you can see, there was a lot going on! This particular event, MCM London, focused largely on anime, and featured guests from one of my daughter’s favourite shows, My Hero Academia. However, as is often the case with these events, cosplayers turned up in all sorts of outfits, as displayed above! My only complaint is that it was incredibly busy, and even trying to get to a stall to see what they had was an extremely challenging feat. Don’t get my started on the queues for food!

In the end, it was a birthday treat for my daughter, and she enjoyed herself, even if all the walking exhausted her (indeed, it exhausted all of us). At least it’s an easier venue to get to than most (I dread to think what getting to the Olympia would have been like!). Would I do it again? Maybe. I need an excuse to buy and wear a meerkat outfit.

So, that’s all for now. As we head into June proper, will we see summer truly begin?!

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