The Meerkat Muse – 13/1/21

Welcome to the first Muse of 2021!

As we know, as soon as the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve the world was reset and the horrors of 2020 were laid to rest… Oh wait. Alas, the passage of time and the ‘border’ between years is a very human construct, and Covid-19 doesn’t care. Instead here in the UK cases have spiralled out of control and we’re into yet another full lockdown. Yay.

Except this time I’m still at work, or at least I’m still at work on Friday 8th Jan, though come the day of publishing this that might have changed. I hope not, for I find myself going increasingly stir-crazy indoors.

The net impact of all this is that I feel a bit broken. I’m devoid of energy. It’s far too cold to take a walk when at home and at work there’s little to do, (at least in terms of the main mission serving customers). There’s bits and pieces but nothing significant, so we tick over and wonder if/when we’ll be furloughed. Mind you, being at work provides something to do, which is naturally better than nothing.

I guess I’m feeling a bit useless, a bit listless. I’m yearning (as we all are) for this situation to end. A part of me fears we’ll have to accept this as the new ‘normal’, despite the vaccines already doing the rounds. I can only hope that I’m wrong, and that one day we’ll return to a pre-Covid life. I can throw myself into continuing my rewrite of my book, though at times this feels more like a chore than it should. At times it’s more like a mission than a hobby, if that makes sense.

Everything is just blah right now.

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