Epic Disdain

I’m flabbergasted. I’m reeling from some stuff I’ve read this morning. The defence of the Tangerine Tyrant is in a perverse way a beautiful thing, a sight to behold, and to despair at and laugh at in one go.

When I see someone claim Trump to be a good man, I go to a certain place in my head…

When I see the claim he’s been a good president…

And when people claim the Democrats are going to be worse…

I’m baffled by such claims. The events of the last four years speak for themselves. They’ve culminated with Trump inciting insurrection, and it’s only now that some Republicans are finally growing a spine and speaking out against him (let’s face it, they’re only doing so to save their political careers). The GOP is shambolic at this point, the base is divided and Trump is a wreck. That’s his legacy.

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