The Meerkat Muse – 10/03/21

We’re almost at the middle of March. What’s been happening ‘kats?

We’ve had a spell of unseasonably warm weather, especially at the end of February. On the 26th of Feb I ventured to town to collect some stuff, and I walked home without my coat on, for I was sweltering. Granted, the weather dipped somewhat in the evening, but during the day the bright clear blue skies gave us usually good weather!


I tried my hand at drawing stuff again. It’s been a while since I devoted any proper time to this particularly activity and… well… you can see why!

I really don’t know what inspired these. I was laughing as I drew them, especially the warrior duck.

Spam Calls

Lately the landline at home has seen an explosion of spam calls. You know the sort – either an automated call to advise your Amazon Prime account is being suspended (which won’t work as we don’t have Prime) or a call about the car accident we’ve had – which must be our imagination car for neither my wife or I drive.

Sometimes I like to string these callers along – they are intent on wasting my time, so I waste theirs. All too often I make it clear I’m not interested and hang up – they are seeking to exploit people for money, something I cannot abide by.

The Cold Snaps Back

March brought us back to colder weather with an abrupt bump – as in, the very 1st of March. This shouldn’t be too surprising, after all, we’re not exactly in summer just yet. Still, to have a taste of pleasant conditions then have it snatched away is… frustrating.


March brings quite a few birthdays – my wife’s, mum’s and one of my aunt’s, plus my cousin’s and her husband’s birthdays. Dramatic times for me! I’d like to think I’m reasonably prepared for some of them! Let’s not forget Mother’s Day falls in March as well… it ends up feeling like an expensive month, but we should honour our mothers! I felt that my wife’s birthday went well, I hope, as ever, that I make her happy.


My wife and I recently binge-watched the final series of Agents of Shield. I felt the show was always entertaining and it was wonderfully led by the charming and likeable Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulsen (who appeared several times in the MCU, especially in Phase One). It was intended to tie into the Marvel Cinematic Universe but also stand apart from it, with the final season in particular not overlapping with movie events. We’d waited a while before watching the last season and I thoroughly enjoyed it, though staying up till midnight to see out the finale left me utterly shattered. My days of burning the candle at both ends are long gone!

Four Years of the Nintendo Switch

Gosh, has it really been four years since I got my grubby paws on Breath of the Wild? The Switch’s launch title was absolutely beautiful in so many ways, and easily worth the price of the console itself. From there the unique nature of the Switch has allowed me to either enjoy action on the TV, or snuggle up with the system on the sofa. Mario Kart 8, FIFA 18, Super Mario Odyssey, Pokemon Shield, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Link’s Awakening, Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Super Mario Maker 2 have all given me a lot of pleasure over the last four years, and I cannot wait to see what Nintendo have in store! A Breath of the Wild sequel is in the works and rumours persist (albeit I don’t place a lot of faith in them) about a new, more powerful version of the Switch coming out either this year or next. I look forward to seeing what else Nintendo deliver.

Ignoring the Football

After the heroics of last season and the manner in which Liverpool began the 20/21 season, I held out hopes that we’d be right up there at the business end of the campaign. Unfortunately a horrid drop in form has led to five consecutive home defeats in league games, the first time this has ever happened in Liverpool’s history. Our title campaign is well and truly sunk, and now hopes rest on qualifying for the Champions League, be it via a top–four finish or by somehow winning the Champions League. The latter will be much harder to achieve, but Liverpool have form in that competition. At least a major distraction from the football is right around the corner…

Welcoming Back F1

My beloved Formula 1 is back at the end of March. The racing action is always entertaining (ok, mostly entertaining) and I almost always find myself enjoying the occasion. The odds are good that Hamilton and Mercedes will be the combo to beat once again, with Lewis Hamilton going for a record-breaking eighth world championship. There are some new faces and rebranded teams this year, along with some familiar faces in different teams, so it should be interesting.

Meghan & Harry

I’ve weighed in on this here. There’s a lot wrong with this situation, not least of the surprising (or not-so-surprising) lack of empathy for the couple, because ‘reasons’. There are far bigger issues facing the Royal Family that the British media has zero interest in covering, because ‘ZOMG there’s a black woman who said something!’ Then in the same breath any suggestion of racism is ridiculed…

Super Mario Day

Let’s end the Muse on something light-hearted. Today is March 10th. MAR10. Mario. Happy Super Mario Day!

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