Meghan & Harry

In the wake of ‘that’ high-profile interview with Oprah, I thought I’d do what so many have already done and add my two cents to the discussion of Harry and Meghan.

I’m quite comfortable in saying I’m more inclined to support Meghan and Harry than the Royal Family at large. I have a number of reasons, ranging from sympathy for Harry and Meghan (they’ve endured a lot, for the crime of what exactly?), to how this ordeal has managed to convieniently overshadow the murky association of Andrew and Epstein. The British press has been consistently biased against Meghan, and it doesn’t take much to work out why… Then there’s the revelation that a senior Royal was asking about the skin colour of Meghan and Harry’s then-unborn son Archie, as though this was somehow important in the 21st century.

I’m not anti-Royal family per see, but there are elements of this institution that desperately need reforming. How can Andrew be so protected and Harry and Meghan so vilified? Why is the media so biased? There’s a romanticism about the Royal Family that isn’t matched by reality.

There’s an eagerness to scorn Meghan and Harry for their openness on mental health issues. Piers Morgan, famous for being editor of the Daily Mirror during a period of regular phone hacking, has mocked Meghan’s words as just being part of a performance. It speaks volumes that he refuses to listen and is extremely angry that Meghan can voice her opinions, whilst he gets upset over vegan sausage rolls. Look, I am not against the monarchy. I believe some of them do some good. Others have used their positions of inherited privelige for the wrong reasons. Speaking out against that, and the decidedly dodgy media that fawns over them, is not wrong. The royals are not beyond criticism. None of them are. People might cynically question why Meghan and Harry carried out a high-profile interview at a time when they wanted to be left alone, but they’re never going to be left alone, so they may as well come out swinging. Good on them.

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