The Hard Work

I said in a prior post that it was beginning – well today rammed that message home loud and clear! Today was about working around showroom fitters as they placed product, sliced apart tiles and created a lot of mess. It was down to me and my colleagues to tidy around them, as well as help with taking in several pallets of bathroom products – which naturally are not light and small, but heavy and bulky. When you are not particularly strong, lugging heavy tiles upstairs is far from fun, so tonight, I ache.

This is also far from over. Several more days of toil await, including a thorough clean of the showroom for the final couple of days, before the public can view the store. I am keen to push through it all, because I want to get open and start earning money! The store is in a good, highly visible location and contacts in the business that we have will allow us to make good use of both retail and trade customers. Based on the intake from another nearby store, I’m quietly confident. We just need to get our doors open!

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