The Chicken comes home to Roost…

… Or in this case, hide, again. Boris Johnson cowardly avoided interviews during the election campaign, and now his government is hiding from the media. 10 Downing Street kicked out reporters from various outlets, for reasons only they understand, and in doing so triggered a walkout from the rest, in a remarkable show of solidarity from various news channels and papers.

If you read the article, it smacks of a desire to evade the media. It’s ironic that so many media outlets bought into the propaganda campaign that slandered Jeremy Corbyn and Labour, and yet now, they find themselves in pitched battle with the government. Johnson is answering pre-vetted questions in a bid to put forward a pre-tense of speaking to the public. In other words, he’s manipulating the media to present a much better version of himself than is accurate. Only allowing certain media outlets to briefings is also about manipulation – if those favourable to his government are the only ones getting direct information, it creates terrific spin, but little in the way of accuracy.

Quite why the BBC et al helped Johnson as much as they did during the election is baffling, but now, they are discovering their mistake. Their choices have returned to bite them, just as Johnson, who famously called Corbyn a chicken, is now clucking away to himself, afraid to face the music.

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