The Greatest Ludus P9

“Mmmm, my husband, you are excelling today…” Etruscilla shivered from lust.

She straddled Nepos’ lips, indulging in playful, teasing flicks of his tongue, right in her most sensitive regions. His hands stroked her hips and swatted her buttocks, and she would have giggled, if not for that tongue, probing and teasing away…

They had returned to their villa and ludus, celebrating Nimr’s latest victory, and the coin that had come with it. Nepos’ heart was still heavy with the burden of telling Nimr he was to be sold, but Etruscilla had persuaded him to savour the moment- so he savoured.

His tongue lapped at her and she moaned, closing her eyes and reaching back with her left hand to rake her nails across his stomach, which in turn made him groan into her. She enjoyed that, so she did it again. Her body arched as pleasure swept through her, her passion rising.

But she didn’t want things to happen too quickly. She lifted her hips up, temporarily leaving her husband’s welcome tongue, and turned, placing herself back upon them, but now looking down Nepos’ handsome body.

“My, if you are already at attention then one wonders what would happen were my lips to take you in dear husband.” She teased, her fingers scratching gently around his cock but not quite touching him.

“I can endure more than you think.” He replied, having parted his tongue from her for just a moment, before resuming his delightful dance.

“Mmmm, we shall see…” Etruscilla purred, leaning over, holding the base of his shaft in her left hand as her tongue licked at the tip. Nepos groaned softly, and gasped when her lips engulfed his cock and applied firm, wet suction.

Their tongues weaved and rubbed and stroked each other’s most sensitive regions, and they both groaned as lustful heat pulsed through their bodies. They were as one now, perfectly attuned to the needs of each other, driving each other further and further up their sensual spiral.

There was far more to it than the passion of the act. This was love, deep and powerful, both determined to satisfy the other. Etruscilla, for her part, began to bob her head, picking up the pace, slurping hungrily upon Nepos, who was starting to pant into her. She could feel how hard he was, knew how much she was pleasing him, and that only served to heighten her arousal. As for her, she felt so wet, and knew that she wasn’t going to take much more of his tongue- which made her determined to finish him off first.

Still, she stopped for a moment, just letting her hands caress his length.

“So dear husband, it would seem you are nearing the limits of your stamina.” She teased, before diving back down upon him.

“Mmmm, I don’t think so- aaah… well… perhaps.” He let out a gasp as she sucked away, starting to edge toward the point of no return. “But I don’t think you can last much longer either.”

Etruscilla chuckled. “I dare say you are right.”

Their mutual pleasure only grew as they each worked their magic on the other. Etruscilla closed her eyes, moaning passionately against Nepos’ hard cock, feeling every little vibration from his own groans move through her. She couldn’t let him win, she couldn’t… yet he was good, and he was working harder now, his lovely warm tongue doing all the right moves in all the right places…

It was too much for her to take. Her body was weaker than her spirit, and she couldn’t help but reach climax with a shriek. She had to stop sucking him, and let out a deep, powerful cry as her orgasm wracked her body. She trembled, loving every magnificent moment, until finally she came down from the peak of her esctasy.

“I am not to be outdone dear husband.” She said, and slowly started to lick his cock once again. She lapped at him, took him into her mouth again, licking and sucking with fevour, knowing he was already close- she could feel it. She felt his body tighten, felt him tense, and felt his passionate cry as he reached orgasm. He erupted, and she pulled back, letting his seed fall to his chest as he came.

When they were both spent, she curled up into Nepos’ arms, fingers idly caressing his chest.

“You know what you must do now.” She said softly.

Nepos stared at the ceiling. “Yes. It is a weight around my neck that I fear will only tighten once I break the news with him.” His eyes focused on hers. “Nimr is more than slave or gladiator. He is a friend, that I have known all my life. Now I must tell him we are to part ways, and one day he will be a rival in the arena, fighting against my house, not for it. To give such thoughts voice to you is hardship enough. To give them voice to Nimr will be… agony.”

Etruscilla nodded. “Yet in your heart you know he will understand, if not immediately then in time. If this house is to survive, you must both make sacrifices.”

“True.” Nepos sighed. “Yet some sacrifices are harder than others. I should go now, speak with him, get this done with. Then I can arrange to meet with Marcus and conclude business.”

Etruscilla nodded again. “Perhaps you should let Nimr enjoy one final night here. I can make arrangements for him and the other to celebrate his final victory in the manner most befitting a man of his stature.”

Nepos smiled despite himself. “I can only imagine what that will be.”

“The gleam in Etruscilla’s eyes was most revealing. “Now dear husband, you know precisely what it will be.”

“True. However, I should not delay the inevitable. Nimr needs to know, and the sooner the better.” Nepos gently shifted out from under Etruscilla’s body. “I shall speak with him now, and let tonight be a celebration of his entire time here.”

Etruscilla propped herself up with an elbow. “If you feel now is the right time. Do not be saddened Titus- you are only doing what you must, and Nimr will understand.”

“I hope so.”


The clash of wooden training swords continued under Nimr’s watchful gaze. The warriors upon the sands of the ludus practised without relenting, determined not to fall foul of Nimr’s wrath, even though the hot sun beat down upon them. Nepos moved in the shadows, watching from behind the coluums that supported the balcony, as his gladiators clashed, trying to learn and impress.

“All of you, again! Use your body- move like liquid! If you are stiff and unyielding you will become easy prey!” Nimr’s voice boomed over the sands. He was clearly unimpressed thus far with the efforts of his trainees.

“Nimr!” Nepos barked, stepping out onto the sands. All the gladiators now turned, bowing their heads in deference to their master.

“Dominus. I am surprised to see you here.” Nimr likewise bowed.

Nepos walked slowly across the sands, sandals kicking it up as he moved. “I would have words Nimr. Please accompany me.”

“Of course Dominus.” Nimr bowed again, then turned and faced the rest of the assembled warriors. “Continue until I return. Remember what I have told and shown you!”

Up in the cooler, marbled main chamber, light gossamar curtains waved gently in a light breeze that had picked up. Nimr stood in nothing but his leathered garments that protected his modesty, looking decidedly out of place next to the smaller, yet fully clothed Nepos, whose blue one-piece attire revealed only his arms and legs.

Nepos picked up a jug from a table in the corner of the room, and poured two goblets of wine. “This is not the stuff that would normally grace a gladiator’s lips. This wine is from the finest vineyards in the Empire. It is reserved for the very wealthy and the very important. My father kept it stored for years, knowing it would be saved for special occasions.” He turned, offered a goblet to Nimr. “I deem today to be such an occasion.”

Nimr nodded, and took the offered drink. “I am honoured Dominus, yet I do not know what I have done to merit such a gesture.”

Nepos smiled sadly. “You have done much for this house Nimr. More than can be expressed in one conversation. I will always be grateful for your contributions here.”

Nimr cocked his head quizzically. “You refer to these deeds in the past tense. Something is wrong.”

“Correct. I wish it were not the case, but circumstances have left me no choice.” Nepos looked Nimr squarely, his eyes very clear. “You are to be sold Nimr. Arrangements have been made.” Nepos tried to keep his voice from cracking. “It is with a heavy heart, but if I do not, this house and ludus will become a faded ruin by year’s end.”

Nimr tried to keep his composure but it was a struggle. “How? I have given everything in pursuit of glory for your name! Am I worth nothing but coin to this house?” His voice rose, as shock turned to anger.

“Of course not! Nimr, you are like a brother to me!” Tears started to well up in Nepos’ eyes. “If I had but another option, anything else that I could do, I would do it! But I don’t!” He stepped toward Nimr, arms spread out, pleading. “This decision has torn my heart from my chest Nimr! I wish nothing more than to proudly proclaim your entry to the arena, but if I do not sell, my wife, our friends, all of us will be cast out onto the streets!”

Biting his tongue, Nimr closed his eyes, turned away for a moment. When he looked back, the tears in his eyes mirrored Nepos’ own. “When am I to leave?”

Nepos swallowed. “Tomorrow. Which is why tonight will be a night of celebration in your honour, at the most appropriate venue.”

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