The Greatest Ludus P10

It was a rare thing for a gladiator to be given such an honour, but for Nimr, such events had been earned more than once. His final, glorious victory for the House of Nepos was to be marked by passage to a venue of much decadence and enjoyment- and for Nimr, a place that held treasures close to his heart.

Crispina’s House- a place of pleasure- or pain, if you preferred. A place of indulgence. Cloaked in simple garb and with hoods up to conceal themselves, Nepos and Nimr had made their way down busy streets, even as the hour grew late and the sun’s hue reddened.

Nimr didn’t know when he would next be able to come here. Would his new master reward victories with such rewards?

Nepos knocked. The door swung open, a beautiful- and naked- red-haired woman bade them entry, eying them both up. Nepos smiled politely but only his wife could hold his interest. Nimr’s tastes were entirely different.

Most of the rooms either side of the main corridor had their doors and covers closed, indicating they were occupied- though the noises alone were proof of that. Petillia Crispina herself, clothed in fine royal blue silk that was nearly see-through, stood proudly by the doors to her private chamber, and grinned widely as she spotted Nepos and Nimr.

“My…” She began, hips sauntering as she walked toward them. “I am honoured by the presence of Rome’s finest gladiator.” Her eyes twinkled with mischief. “To what do I owe this pleasure?” She placed a slight inflection upon the last word, and winked at them both.

“Nimr is here to celebrate his latest victory- and to bid the House of Nepos farewell. He wishes for a private celebration- with one that has been of good and sturdy company to him in the past.” Nepos replied.

Crispina’s smile grew wider. “I see.” She faced Nimr, winked again. “Allow me to summon him for you.”

She swept back into her chamber- and within a few moments returned with the Moor that had previously welcomed Nepos to the house. “Ekwueme stands ready for you Nimr. You will notice that one of the rooms has just become available.” Sure enough, two men of older vintage and a rather younger woman were slipping out of one of the private rooms.

“Enjoy.” She grinned as Nimr smiled at Ekwueme. She shot Nepos a brief glance, one that suggested they should talk.

“Come my love.” Said Nimr, offering a hand to Ekwueme.

“Heh, I suspect this will not be the first time tonight you say those words.” Ekwueme, of a figure nearly as imposing as Nimr’s, took the gladiator’s hand and the two of them made their way into the room.

“I do hope they control themselves a little more this time. They cracked the bedposts last time.” Crispina mused.

“Indeed- Nimr is a powerful fellow.” Replied Nepos.

“I believe Ekwueme did most of the damage. I have seen him in training. Once he builds up a head of steam, well…” Her thoughts seemed to wander for a moment. “That poor man lasted only a few minutes with that big black cock inside him before he lost his seed. I had to help Ekwueme reach satisfaction myself.”

Nepos didn’t know what to say to that.

“Come Nepos, we should break words.” She grinned, pushing open the door to her chamber. “I won’t bite. Unless of course you want me to.”

Nepos chuckled despite himself. “Do you ever give up?” He crossed the threshold, and the door swung shut.

“If I gave up at the first setback I would not have the fortune I have today.” She walked toward her dresser, shaking her hips flirtatiously. “Wine?”

“Please.” Nepos took a seat. “What is the matter you wish to discuss?”

“Oh Nepos…” Crispina returned with the wine, and took a seat close to him. “Or can I call you Titus?” Nepos nodded. “Straight to business aren’t we. A pity, I could gladly provide you with some added experience- I’m sure your wife would appreciate the new techniques.”

Nepos laughed. “I am flattered by your persistence but I must decline. I love my wife too much to consider such a deed.”

Crispina took a sip from her goblet. “Such a good man you are! Well Titus, it is because you are a good man that I feel urged to warn you- I have heard whispers that the stock you shall receive as replacement for Nimr will be sub-standard. Someone out there bears a grudge against you Titus- someone powerful, and they wish to see you fall.”

Nepos held his goblet steady, somehow. “What do you mean?”

Crispina placed her drink beside her and took Nepos’ hand in her own. “Titus, since we met it has become clear to me that you are a good man. You are a loving husband. You are gracious and kind toward your warriors. You treat people with respect and dignity. Yet you have enemies. Enemies who seek to undermine you. I am warning you of this because I cannot bear to see a good man fall due to the grudges of old, bitter men.”


“Aaaah, Ekwu, you torturer you…” Nimr groaned as Ekwueme rubbed his erect length against Nimr’s own. Nimr had been restrained with rope, easy enough for him to escape from but the game was most fun.

“Hush now. Remember, if you make but a sound, you will get nothing…” Ekwueme grinned, ran his hands over Nimr’s thighs, and stomach, and let his own hard cock rest against Nimr’s leg. Nimr gazed hungrily at him, desperate for more, yet bit his lip as Ekwueme’s hands explored his body.

There was pain in his heart though, which he hid from his eyes, thanks to years of practice. Tonight could be the last time he would hold Ekwueme’s body in his arms. There was so much love in the Moor’s eyes, and the prospect of never seeing them again…

Nimr pushed the thought from his mind, focusing instead on how Ekwu’s hands were working his shaft. It felt glorious, but still he did not make a sound.


Nepos paced the room, agitated beyond belief.

“Who would wish me and my loved ones harm? I have offended no one, assaulted no one. What manner of man would seek to destroy me?”

Crispina remained seated. “It is not because of you they take action. All I understand is, it has something to do with your grandfather.”

Nepos snapped around to face her. “What could my grandfather have done?”

“I do not know. As I have said, I have heard but whispers. I know of but one man who make hold more information. Marcus Octavius Paulus.”

For a moment fury swept up in Nepos’ heart. Paulus had been the broker- how much had he been manipulating him? Then a very different notion struck him.

“Paulus? Am I not to meet him here, tomorrow, to confirm my decision?”

There was strong warning in Crispina’s eyes. “Do not challenge Paulus. He holds the ear of the most powerful forces in Rome. He is not against you Titus- for him, everything is business- make an enemy of him, and there will surely be no way back.”

Nepos looked grim. “Nevertheless, he could part words on what he knows of this plot.”

Crispina snorted. “Paulus did not get to where he is because he has a loose tongue. What could you offer him that could persuade him to spill his thoughts?”


For Nimr, the surrender of power was liberating.

His body was upon all fours, hands tied to the bedposts in front of him by rope. His legs were tied behind him in similar fashion. Ekwueme did love to torment him.

He’d let powerful hands stroke his thighs, which had made him shiver. He’d felt Ekwueme’s hands cup his balls and massage his hard cock, which he had loved. Now He felt Ekwueme behind him, and he knew what was coming next.

“How much more can a man take before he is given what he desires most?” Groaned Nimr.

“It is better to let desire peak before satisfying it…” Nimr could almost hear Ekwueme’s evil grin.

But Ekwueme was ready to relent anyway- he too wanted this, and as he slowly started to thrust, Nimr forgot about the pain that was waiting for him tomorrow and gave himself to the moment…


Nepos was seated once more, his head in his hands. He had no idea what to do.

“I have nothing to offer a man like Paulus. I cannot offer him coin- he does not need it. I cannot appeal to his good nature- men like him do not have one. You say I should not threaten him, lest I bring the wrath of all of Rome upon me. There is nothing I can do.”

Crispina’s normally sensual demure was completely gone now. “I am sorry Titus. I had thought it better you know the truth, but the truth can be a burden. Perhaps I should never have parted words on this subject.” She looked contrite.

“No, no, I am grateful to know the truth. At least if the path chosen for him is still the one I must tread, I can face it more like a lion than a lamb to unwitting slaughter.”

“Hmm, true. In such circumstances I would feel the same. I wish there was more I could offer you. If this relates in some way to your grandfather then perhaps…” A thought was now taking hold. “Perhaps you should speak to those who knew him. Perhaps he left documents to be found, or news with consorts and friends.”

Nepos nodded. “Grandfather was a gladiator of great worth in his youth and much loved. He was respected as a dominus of a ludus as well.”

“Then make this the first place you look.”


Nimr was screaming in ecstasy but the horrible knowledge that lurked in the back of his mind refused to leave. He could feel Ekwueme’s massive cock throb inside of him and relished in how there was nothing he could do but take it. Sweat dripped off them both as they rutted, and Ekwueme groaned in pleasure as he neared the ultimate moment.

Nimr was struggling to resist that himself. If this was to be the last time then he wanted them to peak together.

“I don’t believe I can prevent my surge any longer…” Ekwueme panted, and reached a hand around to caress Nimr’s length as he did. That was the final trigger, and the two of them hit the height of pleasure at the same time- just as Nimr had wanted.

Soon he would sink lower than he thought possible.

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