The Gatekeepers get Salty

The other day I was treated to a most entertaining rant via one of my YouTube videos (that discusses the stance of gatekeeping in the Star Trek fandom and why I oppose it). One ‘Milcoll73’ thought the best way to demonstrate that gatekeepers are not elitist, quasi-religious fanatics and snobs was by behaving exactly like an elitist, quasi-religious fanatic.

Among the gems (preserved in case Milcoll deletes or edits their comments, as dishonest types like this often do exactly that)…

I can only conclude that they didn’t even watch the video. I’ve never said people cannot criticise Discovery. I don’t believe it should be free from criticism. The real problem is when some fans, like Milcoll, believe their opinions count for more than the opinions of other fans, then try to force other fans to conform to their opinions. Sadly, I don’t think Milcoll is even remotely smart enough to understand that distinction.

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