Halloween Hijinks

Tonight was the first time that I can think of where I have ever properly gone trick-or-treating. It wasn’t for my benefit of course – it was for my little girl – but it felt surreal and quite liberating in a way, given that I never did trick-or-treating as a kid. Having done little more than put on my Teenage Ninja Turtle onesie, I may have to make more of an effort next year. I may also need to stop eating the Halloween sweets that we still have stacks of!

October – or rather the end of October – also brings with it another liberating experience – come midnight, I will have successfully completed Stoptober, a one-month challenge to give up alcohol. I’m hardly a heavy drinker but over the summer months I’d felt like I’d over-indulged, so cutting back was important to me. Seeing this out for the entire month was important to me for other reasons too, reasons I won’t get into too much detail about on here, but suffice to say, at the time of writing this, being only a few hours away from the finish line, I feel proud. To anyone else reading this who has undertaken the same mission, you too should feel proud.

Let’s roll on November!

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